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We work hard to keep our clients (Owners and Tenants) happy.

Hear what our clients are saying about us.......

What our customers are saying........

Cooper Brown Property Management group was an outstanding service in my honest opinion. Whenever something went wrong, they were prompt and immediate with a technical out the next day to service the issue. Jason and Nicholas were always extremely helpful, communicative and friendly. Sorry it took so long to write this but I must commend this group on a job well done!

Sergio O.

What our customers are saying........

Updating to say that the move-out process went so well. I bought a condo before my lease was up, and they worked with me and the owner of unit I rented to find an equitable situation in terms of move out. I put a ton of work into getting the apartment ready for move out. It paid off. They returned my full security deposit! That has NEVER happened-- usually a property management company will find some reason to tack on fees. Nope. Not Cooper Brown! Such a great experience. I highly, highly recommend this company.

2019 Previous review

I rent from a condo owner who uses Cooper Brown Real Estate to manage the property. This has been, by far, the best experience in renting I've had (and I've rented at least 8 apartments in my adult life!). They are on top of everything. Jason is my point person, and he's been super communicative, responsive, and helpful for every small issue I've had come up... I never have to worry about anything falling through the cracks. If they say they're going to send over a contractor to fix something, the contractor is going to be scheduled! From a renter's standpoint, I highly recommend this company. 5 stars!

Emily C.

What our customers are saying........

Had an excellent rental experience with Cooper Brown Real Estate. The property was beautiful, clean, and well-maintained. We rarely had to call for assistance or maintenance, but when we did, management was prompt, friendly, and responsive. Definitely recommend if you're looking for an Atlanta-area rental or seeking property management services for home(s) you own.

Meredith R.

What our customers are saying........

Yes, you read that right. I'm giving a high rating to a property management company. Hell hath frozen over.

But seriously, these guys are good. From my very quick move in schedule (I first viewed the apartment just a few days before I moved in, and they managed to clean and touch up the paint that quickly) to the ease of moveout, I really appreciated the hard work of Jenn and Charley and the rest of the folks here.

When I moved in the shower was very slow to drain and within a few hours the OWNER of Cooper Brown was out to personally de-clog my shower from the last tenant. Impressive. I luckily didn't have any other maintenance issues with my apartment, but I loved that Cooper Brown was easily accessible via email and phone calls, and they always got back to me quickly when I did have questions (or when they had questions for me). Their office is conveniently located in the Biltmore so I often ended up saving my 40-whatever cents and dropping off my rent rather than mailing it, which was nice.

At moveout, things were equally straightforward and easy. I was able to schedule a moveout inspection on my own time, and Charley was great about going through and explaining what would be taken out of my security deposit (which honestly wasn't much). The way they do their utilities is a little weird: you pay a flat fee each month and then at the end of your lease you either owe more or get money back. They don't provide you with any update of where you stand throughout the year, which would have been nice, but not a big deal. Since I'm a bit of a treehugger and don't really use my thermostat or overhead lighting, I got a nice little chunk of change back with my security deposit. A nice bonus, indeed!

Kathleen M.

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