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Our Property Management Services

Cooper Brown Real Estate Property Management Services is locally owned and managed. We are the premier Atlanta Property Management company for the Intown Atlanta Market.  We have managed rental properties in Atlanta for our clients for almost 20 years.  We continue to manage each and every property as if they were our own regardless of size or rental price. Unlike some real estate companies that focus on real estate sales while trying to manage rental properties as a side business, Cooper Brown Real Estate is 100% focus on managing rental properties for our clients.

How We Manage Your Property


Marketing is the key to managing a successful rental property. Our team has years of experience with rentals in the Intown Atlanta market and we will provide you will strong realistic market analysis for your rental property.  Our team will work with you to determine the best rental amount to maximize your income while minimizing vacancies. We market directly and specifically to the intown Atlanta rental market and will work with you to get your rental property leased quickly.


We can help you get your property ready to rent.  Properties that are "READY RENT" rent more quickly and for more rent. We will consult with you at your property to help you determine what is (and isn't) needed to get your property RENT READY. Often times property owners want to spend money on unnecessary items. We can save you money from the very beginning.  If repairs are needed, we can handle getting our handymen and contractors on site to complete the work.


Your property will be shown by Licensed Agents and Agent Representatives. No one else will have access to your home. We don't hand out keys to prospective tenants to view the property on their own.  And because we are centrally located, in Midtown Atlanta, our team can be there to show your intown Atlanta property throughout the day even on short notice. 


We pride ourselves on finding and placing good tenants.  We conduct extensive screening on all tenants. We take most of the guesswork out of tenant screening. We obtain credit reports and criminal history, employment verification and tenant rental history. We verify income, check eviction databases, confirm their employment and landlord are legitimate, and search the internet to obtain as much information as possible. Our team knows the red flags to look for when reviewing tenant applications and reports. We will advise you of the pros and cons of each applicant and keep you compliant with Equal Housing Opportunity laws.


We meet each tenant.  Once a tenant is approved and gives final agreement to rent a Cooper Brown property, we collect and deposit their Reservation Fee to hold the property in their name.  Our team will meet with the tenant  to sign our Lease documents and will provide the tenant with the Move-in Inspection Form which itemizes the condition of the rental property in detail. 


The Move Out Process is one of the most important processes in managing a rental property.   From requiring the Notice to Vacate to Returning a Security Deposit, detail steps and due diligence are absolutely critical in following Georgia Landlord Tenant Law.  Landlords can incur severe financial penalties if the process is not followed correctly.  We are experts in the process and we will represent you fairly and firmly as we conduct Move Out Inspections and finalize Tenant Move Outs.  We can save you money by conducting thorough Move Out Inspections.


We make sure you get paid on time. You no longer have to worry about rent showing up. No more going by the house to collect the rent. No checking the mail or logging into your bank account to see if the rental payment has been made. Your property manager will take care of that. We give tenants a variety of ways to make their monthly rent payments. Tenants can even sign up for automatic payments from their checking account. Security deposits and rental payments are placed into an escrow account and reconciled monthly. Its important to note, we don't get paid unless you get paid.


No need to fly back into town to take a look at your property or address a repair issue. We will periodically check on the condition of your rental property within the bounds of Georgia Landlord Tenant Law. In addition, any notices that are necessary to the tenant will be made and documented in the tenant history. This includes notices such as Late Notices Or Notice Of Breach Of Lease, Pay or Quit Letters (the notice required before eviction can be started), property condition notices and any other notice that may be needed.


When something goes wrong in your rental property, there’s no need to rearrange your schedule to make repairs yourself.  We will always send a Cooper Brown representative out to look at the repair issue.  By personally investigating the repair issue, we can determine if it was normal wear and tear or if it was something the tenant did and therefore should be charged for it.  We have great vendors and technicians on our team.  We can save you money on repairs.


You will receive a monthly Cash Flow statement for your rental property.

We maintain a Rental File for each tenant with records of rental payments, leases and notices, inspections, repair requests and their resolution, and receipts for work done. Your monthly Cash Flow statement will show income and expenses.  You will also receive an Annual Summary Cash Flow Statement for your rental property along with a 1099 for tax purposes.


Our team will work with you to determine the best rental amount to maximize your income while minimizing vacancies.

In the unfortunate event that a tenant needs to be evicted, our dedicated vendors can do repairs, cleaning and make your unit rent ready in a quick manner. Coordinating the activities necessary are part of the services covered in our management contract. At which time we will then market the property, find, screen and lease to a new tenant.

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